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Opposition to vegetarianismEdit

Opposition to vegetarianism (and thus some opposition to raw veganism)

Controversial practicesEdit

There are a number of practices that are popular in raw food circles that have generated much debate.

Liver/gallbladder cleanseEdit

There is debate about whether this practices actually helps cleanse the liver or not. Some have noted that expelled matter floats rather than sinks, indicated that gallstones (typically dense and heavy) were not actually expelled.[2][3]

O-ring testingEdit

Use of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) by such practitioners as Gabriel Cousens at the Tree of Life.[4] Many many mainstream medical practitioners believe the practice is unreliable.

zeolite supplementationEdit

Despite large numbers of testimonies to the contrary, there have yet to be any published studies showing that activated liquid zeolite, of which Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense[5], actually removes heavy metals and toxins from the body.


Ormus force waterEdit

Info needed here on metaphysical and ormus water video with David Wolfe : [6] showing ormus trapper Other videos:

Discover how to make a simple (but advanced) Ormus shake at home! Join Len Foley and Barry Carter in an exclusive presentation. For more info, please visit:

Structured waterEdit

Listed on quackery site

Health freedom movementEdit

Codex AlimentariusEdit

Many raw food organizations are focusing their energy to fight Codex Alimentarius

Organizations againstEdit

Dental healthEdit

Dental amalgam controversyEdit


chewing wheat grassEdit

Rebuild teeth by mineralizing with grass and chlorophyll. Some people chew wheat grass to remineralize their teeth and roots.[7]

Level of fruit in dietEdit

This is an ongoing controversy in the raw food world. Here is an article in support of more fruit from Douglas N. Graham (responding to Paul Nison and Brian Clement)

Can somebody provide another viewpoint here?




Chocolate (raw cacao)Edit


David Wolfe believes raw cacao is a superfood.


Paul Nison suggests cacao is healthy and addictive.[9]


Dr Yashpal Jayne suggests chocolate is not in the superfood category as David Wolfe suggests.


Almond Board of California is forcing many farmers to pasturize their almonds starting in Sept 2007.


Young coconutsEdit

Some reports that fermaldahyde may have been used for shipping, which some claim could leach into the coconut


Much of soy products are GMO.

Soy products increase estrogen.

Nama ShoyuEdit

Soy SauceEdit


A popular probiotic and starter for nut cheeses. Hippocrates Health Institute is against using this.


Vitamins, minerals and supplementsEdit

Its generally advisable to go with a food to get your minerals before reaching for a supplement. Many raw foodists argue that food sourced vitamins are more absorbable and useable for the body than synthetic vitamins. Many also argue for the use of angstrom mineral supplementation over colloidal.

Bee pollenEdit

Bee pollen is a supplement that has gained a loyal following for its tremendous purported health benefits. Bee pollen is a supplement that is both natural and inexpensive. Some of the health benefits attributed to it include:

  • Increases libido
  • Increases athletic endurance
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Equalizes the human system allowing for greater synthesis of nutrients from food sources
  • Gives energy

These are just a few of the many health benefits of bee pollen. However, anyone who is allergic to bees should not take bee pollen supplements or bee pollen granules. To do so could result in anaphylactic shock (systemic vasodilation which results in low blood pressure).


There are some enzymes obtained through non-vegan methods

Nutritional yeastEdit


Many raw vegans use Waiora's product line because of the popular [Natural Cellular Defense (NCD)] zeolite product. To purchase the product, many choose to become multi-level distributors of the product to get a break in product cost.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens wrote a good review of the zeolite product at

Dr. Gabriel Cousens recommends the liquid zeolite as part of his "Juice Fast for Peace" Faster's Pack,

Waiora's Healthy Aging Formula uses a proprietary blend of active ingredient, including bioactive hyperimmune milk protein concentrate. [10]

Altered foodsEdit

Hybridized fruitEdit